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Kate Bush

I watched my Kate Bush documentary today and it was so inspiring. I can compare to Kate in the way that you listen to her music and it's all her. You can hardly tell what the Hell has influenced her and the same goes with me. Hell, I'm in a black metal band and an art-punk/darkwave/poet solo project that could take whatever form I would want it to take. I can't stand the thought of doing one kind of music and never expanding my ability in art by never compiling a book or two. I can honestly say though that "The Dreaming" is my favorite album of hers. It has no boundaries and that's what I strive for myself. Every one of her albums is a masterpiece, though. Each one of them take me to a different world. Her storytelling, her lyrics, her emotional vocals and dramatic style sum up what women should be in music and in art. The fact that she produced her own music (from "The Dreaming" on) says so much. It was in her soul. Much like it is in mine. Time to start recording.
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